EPI Fato Ignífugo Eural FW-10

Overalls provided with reflective tapes and reinforced along all the body, sleeves and trouser legs. Ordinary sleeves of a contrasting colour are adjusted with a fastener and a Velcro at their ends. The standing collar is also provided with a fastener and a Velcro for proper adjustment. Shoulders with a double cloth and a yoke. Two chestpockets with a lid, a Velcro and a zip fastener. Back with folds adjusted in the waist by means of an elastic band and a reinforced seat. Sloping pockets in the hips with a zip fastener and a cloth clip. The ends of the trousers are adjusted with fasteners and Velcro. Reinforced trouser legs from the waist down to the bottom.

Fireproof coverall designed in order to protect against thermal fires with inflammability, convective heat, radiant heat and other possible risks when fighting against forest fires or performing similar works. Material made up of 30% aramid, 65% Viscosa FR and 5% p-aramid.


EN ISO 11612:2010 – Clothing protecting against heat and flame
EN 15614:2007 – Protective clothing for firefighters
EN 471:2004 + A1:2008 y ISO FDIS 20471:2012: High visibility protective clothing for professional use
EN 340:2004 – Generalrequirements

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