Lanterna Floodlight Twin with two heads, 14 400 lm

Portable lighting system with built-in battery which makes users independant from external power sources. The wide field of light allows you to use this system for enlighting
scenes of action. Characteristic features are the high power of light (up to 7200 lm / head) and the ability to work in two dimensions (H, V). A long operation time (up to 20h under constant light) and the ability to work in all weather conditions. The whole floodlight is placed in a robust case resistant to shock and impact.

Charging time: 7 h
Operation time: boost, 100% – 6 h, 75% – 7,5 h, 50% – 10 h, flashing – 20 h, red flashing led – 400 h
Light output: 13 000 lm, boost 14 400 lm
Head rotation: 360o horizontally, 180o vertically
Vertical and horizontal work of a suitcase:
Charging: 230V AC
Operation modes: 5: boost, 100%, 75%, 50%, flashing
Weight: 27,5 kg
Waterproof: IP66
Battery level indicator:
Dimensions: 61,3 x 46 x 23 cm
Power supply: Lead-acid battery 12V 35 Ah
Light source: 48 x Samsung 3535 LED (2 x 24 LED)
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