Botas De Combate Incêndio

Características gerais:

  • Upper material: heat and waterproof leather
  • Lining: SYMPATEX or TEPOR cloth type with semi-conductive membrane
  • Draining off the humidity to the outside of the shoe
  • F2A – steel toes protecting against impact with energy up to 200J, anti-piercing
  • Insole resistant up to 1100N, ability to stop static electricity
  • HI3 – third level termical resistant
  • Double zipping system (zipper and laces)
  • Sole: rubber, resistant to high temperatures, oils, weak acid and alkaline
  • Assembly: gluing
  • Sizes: french 36 – 47
  • Available with thinsulate
  • Manufactured from top quality heatproof polyurethane
  • Resistant to wiping away
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Anti-electrostatic
  • Resistant to abrasion resistant to oils, petrol and other organic solvent
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